Better Productivity In 8 Steps

By Amy Thompson

May 03, 2023

10 min read

Running a small business is not easy. There is a lot of work to get done, and small business owners must make the most of each day, so staying productive is imperative. Check out the eight tips below that we put together to help you stay more productive.

While productivity is essential to our daily lives, it’s certainly not a one-size-fits-all venture. People have different lifestyles and goals, so how they stay efficient and effective is different too.  

Productivity is about prioritizing tasks and streamlining problem-solving approaches. This allows us to effectively spend more time on important things while still enjoying the simple pleasures of, well, doing nothing.

Establishing good productivity habits is vital for many reasons, including:

  • It is essential to achieving our goals.
  • It helps us stay organized and proficient.
  • It helps us make the most of our time
  • It can help us be more focused and motivated.
  • It is key to better results in all that we do.

Productivity is a way to stay focused on the bigger picture goals and motivate yourself while still completing your daily tasks. It’s clear that productivity, good habits, and motivation go hand in hand. After all, you need motivation to truly be productive, right? But to be the most productive, we need good habits.

It’s important to remind ourselves often WHY we must stay productive. Visualizing the outcome of your productivity is actually one of the most effective ways to be productive because it gives your motivation the boost it needs to get started.

Small changes in your daily routine can make a big difference to your motivation, in turn improving your productivity. We’ve put together ten simple tips to help you get started on your road to better productivity.

1.Create a daily routine.

Creating a routine is vital to boost productivity. Every day may be different depending on what you do, but a schedule gives structure and helps you stay attentive to the day’s goals.

Here are a few ways to jump in:

  • Wake up at the exact same time each day
  • Get your body moving with exercise.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast (the most important meal of the day!)
  • Put on your clothes – even if you work from home, get dressed.
  • Check your calendar and prioritize your day.

2. Get ready for the night before

Setting aside a little time each night to prepare for the next day is an easy way to jump-start better productivity— make a to-do list, prepare clothes and meals for the next day, take some time to relax, and visualize goals. Waking up to a plan can help us start our day on the right foot.

3. Start Stacking Habits

Habit stacking is simply adding small achievable tasks to the tasks we already do, like prioritizing our day while enjoying breakfast or visualizing the results of our productivity while showering.

Productivity is not about doing more; it’s just about doing it smarter and better. Stacking habits is an easy way to make our day more productive.

4. Try a task timer

Yep, there’s an app for that. A task timer is an excellent option if we feel like time keeps getting away from us. Task timers allow us to make a list of daily tasks and time goals and then track how much time we spend on each task.

This tool can help increase productivity by putting tasks into timed slots. An allotted time is given to complete each task; when time runs out, after a short break, we move on to the next task. This can help us stay productive and understand how long each task takes to help us better plan while reducing distractions and helping us focus on tasks.

5. Eliminate distractions

Speaking of reducing distractions— distractions are a major productivity killer. Eliminating distractions from our physical and mental environment can help us increase our productivity.

Try these to help reduce distractions:

  • Disable notifications from your phone, email, and social media.
  • Find a quiet, peaceful place to work that is distraction-free.
  • Take care of the most urgent task first.
  • Avoid multitasking and focus on one task on your to-do list at a time.

6. Make a good working space

A messy and unpleasant work environment is the worst thing for productivity. A better space will help you be more productive and take your mind off of your surroundings.

Here are a few easy fixes to create a distraction-free environment:

  • Select a quiet room
  • Declutter your desk and organize the space around it
  • Invest in a comfortable chair and desk that is better for your posture
  • Open curtains and, if possible, move closer to a window to get natural lighting

7. Utilize a project software system and CRM

Project management software is beneficial to businesses as it tracks the progress of projects and campaigns, allocates resources, and assigns tasks. Project managers and team leaders can use project management software to better understand the pace of teams and organizations and keep them organized. There are many of them out there, so shop around and find the best fit for you.

Another great way to keep things, specifically with your customers, organized is with a CRM (Customer Relations Management) software application designed to help companies manage their customer relationships. CRM stores, analyses, and shares customer data with other departments. Plus, a CRM can automate time-consuming tasks such as communication and contact organization, giving you an extra boost to your productivity.

Keeping your tasks, teams, and customers organized is essential to productivity!

8. Review your day

It’s essential to plan your next day. However, it’s equally important to end your day by looking back at your achievements. This nightly ritual can bring clarity and a sense of accomplishment.

Take a moment to reflect on what was great, what was difficult, and where things can improve. Reviewing your day can help you to learn from your mistakes and recognize successes.

BONUS: Remember to take breaks!!

Powering through without a break does not help productivity at all; it only causes burnout. Every 30 minutes, take a 5-minute break and at least a 30-minute break at lunchtime— this is crucial to staying fueled and productive!

As a small business owner, these simple steps to better productivity could help increase efficiency and reach goals faster.